NEWS - A sports game with shooter mechanics

I believe it's time to break the silence after a while. For some time already, Gamecan has been in development mode and we've kinda forgotten the marketing/PR department. So here I am with an update of what's going on and where we're headed. -Marten, CEO

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NEWS - Overstep - Summer Update

Gamecan's first title Overstep is a free to play, first person shooter game. Being an indie game, launching on both Steam and Xbox One can be quite the challenge. After our successful crowdfunding round the game development speed has increased fast. The team was recently joined by a new lead game designer Grant Egglestone, who will make sure the game is fun to play as well as competitive.

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NEWS - Character Creation - Behind the scenes #3

Insights about Oversteps character creation, by the concept artist and modelers.

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NEWS - Voice Acting - Behind the Scenes #2

Although Overstep is an online multiplayer experience with no single player, we still want to be able to convey the story across to the players through a variety of media in game. One such methods is the AI commanders for both sides who interact with the player through voice commands and communication. For that we have started working with our voice talents.

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